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10 Inspiring Quotes From the Lazy Yogi That Will Improve Your Day


Most of the quotes he posts belong to exceptional and well-known healers, shamans, speakers, and writers in the self-help spiritual movement. But every once in a while, he posts a quote of his own – whether intentionally and in the quote form or as a part of a response to a reader. His own quotes are golden. Here are some of his original quotes that will improve your day today. These quotes are all from the last week of his blog alone. He is truly prolific! Just read these words, internalize them, and take a deep breath.

1. “When love becomes a burden, something is out of place. It may be out of place in your mind or in the relationship dynamic. Maybe you can guide it back to harmony, maybe it cannot be done at this time.”

2. “When you can’t see clearly, you can’t do anything safely. You risk hurting yourself or others regardless of the action you take.”

3. “Peace is not a state of thought. Peace is freedom from thought. It means that whether your mind is silent or whether it is filled with all sorts of thoughts, you are still you and you are at ease.”

4. “Truth upholds itself. It’s not my truth or my views. It’s discovery.”

5. “Embrace your direction until it’s directionless. You don’t need to steer a river so long as you surrender totally to its flow.”

6. “Emptiness says that there is nothing. Everything is impermanent, nothing is inherently separate from anything else. No one thing is more important than another. Love says that you are everything. Nothing has ever ended; eternity is the only reality, and bliss is the nature of your spontaneous abundance.”

7. “Desires have conditioned us to believe they are the keepers of happiness, the gateway to fulfillment. Overthrow these false masters and watch as insecurity dissolves into wholeness.”

8. “Inspiration comes from within. It is always coming from within. But if you have an outward turned mind that is seeking happiness, recognition, and wholeness from external things, you will not be able to recognize the speech of silence.”

9. “The first thing to understand is that the voice in your head is not you. We think in words that we didn’t invent, forming opinions about a culture that we didn’t consciously create. These thoughts are just conditioning and insecurity acting themselves out. The only reason why they cause you pain is because you identify with the voice instead of taking a good long look at it. There is a big difference between using your mind and being used by your mind. That is why meditation and mindfulness are such important practices.”

10. “To love being yourself isn’t a thought or a belief or a perspective. It is just being. It’s like wearing yourself without any reservations.”

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