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5 Reasons to Choose a Hyundai Kona


1. Tough and stylish
The KONA looks tough and stylish when compared to the competition in this segment. It clearly has the ‘looks’, looks robust, and is clearly designed for the European market. A large amount of models on the market makes it more difficult to stand out and to give a car a personal touch. But Hyundai has found something in that: the KONA has a characteristic design with high-mounted daytime running lights, cool-looking black wheel arch trims, and a cool grille.

You can decorate the car with different rims (up to 18 inches), stylish two-tone paints with different roof colors, an electric sliding roof, and LED lighting. Thanks to the mood lighting, leather upholstery, and different colors for the dashboard, the Kona also continues to impress behind the wheel.
2. Excellent SUV
Hyundai has succeeded in designing a more than excellent compact SUV in a popular segment with an extremely competitive price. They also did this on a completely new platform on which several models will probably be launched in the coming years. The KONA feels solid, sturdy, and bigger than it actually is. The steering is nice and heavy and that also ensures that the KONA gives above-average confidence.

The Hyundai Kona is not only an affordable business car but also meets all the requirements of a family car. With 361 liters of luggage space, the KONA has a suitable answer for every activity. In addition, the compact SUV excels in its versatility. Discover a new way of navigating on the 8-inch touchscreen and stay connected everywhere via Apple CarPlay.
3. Designed for all conditions
Under all circumstances, you will quickly learn to appreciate the KONA: good handling, pleasant maneuverability, unevenness is neatly processed despite the relatively short wheelbase, the view is excellent, the seats offer a lot of seating comfort and the operation is refined but easy. Everything feels solid, the seats are nice and big, the seating position is just right and the thick steering wheel is comfortable to hold. These are all small things, but together they give a very good feeling about the car even before the first meter has been driven.

On the digital instrument panel, you can read important information such as consumption, range, activated assistance systems, weather conditions, and more. A Head-up Display is also available. This projects road signs and directions directly into your field of vision, making driving in the Kona even safer. Also make use of luxurious features such as heated seats, a rearview camera, and a wireless smartphone charger.
4. Audio system
Thanks to the collaboration with Krell, the KONA undoubtedly has the best premium audio system of its kind.
5. Motor
The 1.0 T-GDI engine is highly recommended. The power of 120 hp / 172 Nm is more than enough for a tough driving behavior if you feel the need. In addition, the character of the turbo engine is lively and the gearbox ratios are perfectly matched to the engine. The 1.0 T-GDI, therefore, feels faster than it actually is.

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