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8 Steps to Success


I’m going to tell you a secret; For more than 4 years I was an independent Trainer and I have struggled and searched for; Focus My mission Who is my target group? How can I build a stable income so that I have peace and security? How do I get assignments, how do I get work? How do I get the money? I had no elevator pitch for more than 4 years. Because what should I say if I had no focus, no target group, and no products? Did I not do anything right? Happy! I always had enough work. So I did something right

What I did well Investing in myself; I went to workshops and pieces of training, I read a lot of books and got a lot of information from the internet and from fellow trainers and coaches. Networks; I kept in regular contact with people from my work history. This still produces assignments. I profiled myself on all social media and via various websites. Effort; When I carried out an assignment I gave 100% of what I had.

Then I asked myself the question: What do I actually want? And then I started writing this report for myself and for you. I wanted to make money with my passion! Do you print this out and do you write along?

 What ingredients should my work have? My own answers: It provides energy. A lot of money can be made with it. It can also create a passive income. It contributes to the other person’s success. It contributes to a better society. I want to do my PASSION! Your Answers:

What is my mission? My own answer: To create a better world by empowering people to create a perfect life In English: My Mission is to create a better world by empowering people to create their perfect lives. In short: Living, Learning, and Inspiring! (like my Facebook page, click here)

Who is your target group? My own answer: Trainers and coaches I help Trainers & Coaches to reach an expert status so that they are asked and can be busy with their passion. I achieve that they can create a perfect life for themselves and thereby inspire many other people so that my mission is carried out by many more people. Your answer:…..

How am I going to do that? My Answers: 1. I inspire by setting the example myself. In 2014 I will publish 2 books; one about working methods and one about ways to become an expert. 2. I provide an Expert Implementation Program twice a year. 3. I help independent trainers to become a Top Trainer by inspiring them through 4. Creating digital products so that I can reach an infinite number of people. Your Answers:

What is my plan? Just do things I want to do. Maintain a fixed weekly schedule. Only give training on Friday. Launch Online Coaching program. Your Answers:

When was it successful? This is the same as What is your goal and when has that goal been reached? When trainers and coaches in the Netherlands, Belgium, and other Dutch-speaking areas see me as the business coach who can help them achieve expert status. How do I measure this? When the Expert Implementation Program is effortlessly full! Your Answers:

What do I need? Converting limiting beliefs to stimulating ones (I can’t do it, I’m not good enough, etc.) Get help Delegate Focus on improving Surrounding myself with people who have achieved results Regular Coaching by top coaches Your Answers:

What it is always and always about is the decisions you make NOW! Do I stay on the couch or exercise? I take a beer or an orange. Choose what brings you one step closer to your goal! What am I going to do NOW? Put this e-book online and make it accessible to anyone who leaves a comment on one of my blogs on.

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