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A Beginner’s Guide to Different Aquarium Types


Did you know that interacting with fish in an aquarium can improve your emotional well-being? Studies have found that being around aquarium fish can increase relaxation and reduce stress. 

Fish aquariums come in many different shapes and sizes. From a simple fishbowl to a massive wall aquarium, the possibilities are endless. How do you choose the best aquarium design for your home?

Keep reading to learn about the different aquarium types! 

Goldfish Tank

One of the most simple types of aquarium you can get is a goldfish tank. If you are new to owning fish, a pet goldfish is one of the best places to start. While goldfish are great for beginners, they need more work than you think. 

Many people put goldfish in small fish bowls, but they need 20 gallons of water per goldfish. That means if you want to buy 3 goldfish, you need a 60-gallon tank. 

Goldfish aquariums should have a filtration system to help filter out waste. Goldfish produce more waste than many other types of fish, so keeping the tank clean is essential. 

In addition to having a filter, you can decorate your goldfish aquarium with rocks and fun decorations. 

Freshwater Aquarium

Another common type of aquarium is the freshwater aquarium. Freshwater aquariums contain fish that come from rivers, creeks, and lakes. You can choose to have either a coldwater aquarium or a warm water aquarium. 

When setting up your freshwater aquarium, you need to decide if you want to have community-oriented fish or aggressive fish breeds. While some fish can be kept in an aquarium together, others will need their own space. 

The requirements for your freshwater aquarium will depend on the fish you choose. Different fish have different size and temperature requirements. 

Saltwater Aquarium 

If you prefer to own saltwater fish instead of freshwater fish, you should consider getting a saltwater aquarium. Saltwater aquariums have different types of fish from the ocean. Some popular saltwater fish include Clownfish, Angelfish, and Surgeons. 

If you are new to owning fish, a saltwater aquarium may not be the best aquarium to start with unless you are willing to do research. Saltwater aquariums are more expensive and require more work than other types of aquariums. 

Reef Tanks

Did you know that you can have an aquarium for plants? While they may sound easier than fish aquariums, they actually are more difficult. Reef tanks are home to different types of coral, invertebrates, and anemones. 

Because these plants are so hard to keep alive, they need experience and daily monitoring. If you are interested in owning your first reef tank, you can buy different aquarium models online. Check it out here, and do some research to get started!

Which Aquarium Types Are Best for You?

Owning a home aquarium is a great hobby that can provide relaxation, decrease stress, and provide you with a new companion. If you are planning to get your own aquarium, keep these 4 different aquarium types in mind. 

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