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About All New Stylish Samsung Galaxy S7 2015-2016


Samsung drew a band on the beach with the Galaxy S6, appearance a cogent change in acumen from the plastic-clad Galaxy S5 with a handset that was both arranged with the appearance and attractive to attending at. With letters that Samsung spent $13.8 billion on analysis and development endure year, eyes are now angry to appear the next in the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now rumors are arising that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor will accompany renewed absorption to the aegis and aloofness of Galaxy S7’s users. According to Master Herald, the Snapdragon 820 will affection congenital aegis in the appearance of avant-garde apparatus acquirements algorithms, and be able to pre-empt antivirus companies in the apprehension of threats and viruses.

Samsung is aswell allegedly alive with an amount of adaptable aegis app vendors to add aloofness appearance to their devices. The specific data of this appearance are unknown, but it is an absorbing advancement of the administration Samsung could be demography in the agreement of security. Much absorption is accustomed to array activity and processor speed, but in an agenda mural more biconcave by high-profile hacks, aloofness is the point of an able affair.

Samsung has been assuming off prototypes of arced smartphone screens for the accomplished year or so, but an address from Business Korea claims that foldable smartphone technology could be a bartering absoluteness as anon as 2016. Referencing a bearding Samsung Affectation official, the address suggests it won’t be continued until able to bend our smartphones in our pockets. Will the Galaxy S7 be the aboriginal buzz to use the technology? It may be an abolitionist leap, but it would absolutely accord Samsung a bend over the next iPhone.

Trawling through Samsung patents brings up some added absorbing new capabilities that may or may not acquisition their way into the Galaxy S7. The aboriginal of these is apparent for a holographic display, aboriginal baldheaded by Patently Mobile. More down to apple is the rumor that the Galaxy S7 will appear with a USB Type-C port, as apparent in Apple’s 2015 MacBook.

Not alone is USB Type-C capricious – acceptation you don’t allegation to plan out which way annular to stick in your cable – it can carry 4K video, abstracts, and ability all through the aforementioned strip. Basically, you’ll be able to allegation your buzz and alteration abstracts at the aforementioned time with just one cable.

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