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Dj With a Live Artist at Your Wedding


Dj with a live artist at your wedding? Yes, please!
At your wedding, you only want one thing and that is that all guests go crazy and have the time of their life! A great party that they will talk about for a long time is your goal and it is often the case that the DJ is the one who ensures that the party really gets going! A few bangs after the opening dance and the atmosphere is good, but what if you want to start the party a bit more original and surprising? A DJ plays all the songs you want, but apart from ‘ his hands in the air ‘ and dance behind the turntable, he or she is fairly static at work! Of course, a lot more happens with a band, but you are often stuck with a fixed repertoire and there is an awful silence during the breaks! LA DJs has the solution: “Pump up the VOLUME!”

Best of both worlds: DJ and live artist!
Do you already feel the stress of choice? You don’t have to! LA-DJ’s is happy to provide the best of both worlds at your wedding! With their new concept ” Pump on the VOLUME ”, the DJ plays records all night, and no less than three musicians, a saxophonist, singer, and percussionist, perform twice for 45 minutes! How cool is that ?! This way you can store all your request numbers at the DJ, but you also really have a band at your wedding party! Useful.

Dj with the live artist at your wedding: how do you make the right choice?
Choosing a musician is very personal. You may think he or she is crazy, while your partner to be preferred to run away! Thomas, co-owner of LA-DJs, says: “We think it is important that there is live footage of the musicians we use for this combi-act! Not just slick movies with sound recorded in a studio, but raw film fragments from a performance. That way, as a bridal couple, you can make a good estimate of whether the sound of the musician suits you and that is especially important with singers! ”

“It is also incredibly important that the DJ suits your needs. Each DJ has their own musical preferences that he or she will unconsciously return to your party. During the no-obligation introductory meeting, ask which songs the DJ is currently turning out of the top 40 and what his all-time favorite classics are. This way you quickly get an impression whether the DJ suits you, ” says Thomas!

Budget for the wedding
During the planning of your wedding, this part often comes along, as well as when booking the entertainment at the wedding! See in advance how much you have to spend and make a price list of what should be the top three most important elements of the day. Do you think the party is important and do you want a cool live act? As with everything, you look at the price/quality ratio, but do not economize on quality! A cheap live artist or DJ may sound interesting, but if they have little experience, it will probably not benefit the wedding!

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