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Easily Sell Silver Bullion in Melbourne


If you want to sell silver bullion Melbourne you can easily find a few different places that will buy it from you. From pawnbrokers to gold or silver bullion dealers.  Sometimes if you lucky and happen to have something rarer you could try a Coin Show, though it’s not recommended that you wait for one as it’s often easier and faster to sell silver bullion to your local bullion dealer and get paid in cash.

Coins Shows

Coins shows are dedicated exhibition and sales shows where collectors and coin enthusiasts can gather. If you are a silver coin or silver bullion collector you may be able to find rare and unique items at coin shows. One of the big advantages of coins shows is that there will usually a great number of silver bullion experts as well as dealers and you can get multiple appraisals for your silver coins and thus make a more informed decision regarding its value and selling price.

However coin shows may be limited or only take place in specific areas, so you might need to travel to attend a good one. Coin shows also traditionally only take place occasionally so you will need to check when the next one is scheduled. There will also traditionally be some form of entry fee to enter the shows and see what’s on offer.


There are plenty of reputable pawnbrokers you can sell silver bullion in Melbourne too. Some of these pawnbrokers are also experts at buying precious metals and they can provide a quick and hassle-free assessment of your silver bullion and the price they will offer you for it.

The only problem with using a pawnbroker is they will have to pay you less for your silver bullion due to them not being experts or having the turnover as that of a bullion dealer. You can also be guaranteed that pawnbrokers will give you immediate and full payment for your silver bullion or scrap silver for that matter.

Gold & Silver Bullion Dealers

These are the guys that are the top professionals in the business of silver bullion and when you want to sell silver bullion Melbourne their knowledge and expertise will be priceless.

Not only will silver bullion dealers trade in every type of silver bullion from bars to coins, they will even take your scrap silver from you. They also work according to the international spot price of silver are remain up to date with the latest prices.

The Price of Silver Bullion

No matter where you decide to sell silver bullion in Melbourne you will need to do your homework a little and know what the market price of silver is before you approach any buyer.

There are plenty of websites that will provide up-to-date market prices on silver bullion, showing the asking price in different currencies by the ounce or kilo. These websites will also show the current and past market trends and performances, the rise and fall of prices, and even provide this information in most major currencies of your choice.

So whenever you decide to sell silver bullion in Melbourne, you will be able to access all the necessary information to enable you to make the best, and most informed, decisions for your silver bullion.

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