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Entertainment During the Wedding Ceremony


Bridal poems
How nice is it to write a poem about how you feel about your hubby-to-be? Does your poetry talent not go beyond making a Sinterklaas rhyme? No problem, Hofmuze can help you, so that you can surprise your loved one with a great poem during the ceremony.

Original wedding officer
Get rid of the standard clichés that many wedding officials throw out during his / her speech. That can be much more fun! This is how sworn wedding official Pauline Suidgeest and comedian Jelle Kuiper of Leuk Trouwen thought. No clichés, but romance and humor!

Your mother or best friend as BABS
A BABS is an Extraordinary Officer of the Civil Registry. Everyone can be BABS for one day, including your mother or your best friend. Your civil servant cannot be more personal.

Photography with a bit of interaction!
How nice: the combination of humor and photography as entertainment at your wedding! We spot a team of photographers who, armed with a good dose of humor, interact with all your guests. You also have great photos as a reminder!

Hiring a casino for your wedding, how exciting is that? Imagine yourself in Las Vegas with an exciting game of poker, blackjack, or roulette. A great theme and certainly not bad entertainment! Hire one or more tables with stylish croupiers and your day can’t go wrong.

Theater obers
A wedding dinner can sometimes unintentionally end in a formal event. Bring some life into the brewery with the Theaterobers. These waiters first bring your order neatly but then turn out to be a true showbiz act. They make it the most swinging dinner ever!

Games are perfect for entertaining your younger wedding guests. But secretly it is also fun for the older guests. Games provide a casual atmosphere and healthy competition. Which games you choose, you can fully adapt to your personality and guests: everything is possible and allowed.

Crazy characters
Do you like a bit of craziness? Then you can rent a type for entertainment during the wedding day. From a Mister Bean look-a-like to the Femmes Fatales, you can’t think of it that much or it is there. Blown away!

Do you want to laugh, scream, roar, but at someone, you know you think is funny? Then hire a well-known comedian through Twilight Entertainment. Ruben van der Meer, Veldhuis & Kemper, Jörgen Raymann: they can all be booked. It may take a bit of croaking, but success is guaranteed!

Deux d’Amsterdam
If there is one company where you can leave the entertainment for your wedding with peace of mind, it is the creatives of Deux d’Amsterdam. The girls come dressed up in the most quirky and hilarious outfits. Standard entertainment is absolutely not included, but wandering cupcakes and singing chandeliers are.

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