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Getting married at home Tips for the perfect home wedding!


Getting married at home
How nice is it to give your yes to the love of your life in your own familiar environment, perhaps in your parents’ house or garden? Okay, the organization may take a little more time than if you choose an official wedding location nearby, but nothing is more beautiful than preparing in your own house and then coming down the stairs in your wedding dress? We love it! Are you jumping and can’t wait to get married at home or do you have to postpone the big day because of all the measures surrounding COVID-19, but do you want to give the yes to your partner on the original wedding date?? Then take a good seat, because we tell you how to organize the perfect wedding in, on or at your own home!

Your home or garden as an official wedding location
In the Netherlands you can officially give each other yes in many places, but (unfortunately) not yet everywhere! Most bridal couples get married at an official wedding location designated by the municipality , but if you have another place in mind, for example, your own house or garden, you must first arrange a few things! It is wise to check with your municipality what the rules are regarding a wedding location. Can you get married officially everywhere? Then you don’t have to do anything. Can you only give each other the yes in a place that has been designated by the municipality as an official wedding location? Then the municipality will have to designate your house or garden as a wedding location once! Also, pay attention to the rules about organizing a party and playing music until the early hours. Do you exist the guest list from a large group of people? Then it may just be that you have to report the wedding to the municipality! Make sure to check this in advance!

Getting married
The measures surrounding COVID-19 have meant that many brides to behave to move their wedding. Very sour of course, because the day that you have been looking forward to for so long with your next one is now even longer! But have you ever thought about getting married at home? Of course, you have to take into account that 1.5 meters distance and a maximum of thirty people, but what if you have a very large garden and a wedding official is also available? Then you can ‘just’ say each other at home on the original wedding date during an intimate ceremony. You organize later, when everything is ‘normal’, then just organize a big fat party at the one you have chosen party location , so you can still celebrate the wedding with all your loved ones! No shot is always wrong, so be sure to ask your municipality about the possibilities of getting married at home during times of the Coronavirus!

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