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How Do Motorcycle Helmet Laws Vary From State to State?


If you’re planning to ride your motorcycle across the United States, you need to pay attention to the differing helmet laws. Illinois and New Hampshire have no laws pertaining to wearing motorcycle helmets, while many other states require all riders to wear helmets. Some states have laws that pertain to certain ages. In Montana, all riders 17 and under are required to wear helmets, while in Missouri, it’s 25 and younger. As you ride in different places, make sure to know the law, to avoid getting ticketed. Better yet, wear a motorcycle helmet whenever you ride, to protect your head and to stay safe in case of an accident. Shop for motorcycle tires and helmets online for good deals.

Proper Motorcycle Equipment To Travel Across The U.S.

Motorcycle road trips aren’t always about the destination, but the journey. What better way to experience Americana than to take a road trip across the states? You’ll want standard motorcycle gear for your road trip to handle all types of weather and terrain. Here are some other items to pack:

  • A map – you can see the bigger picture and find the best motorcycle route with a good old-fashioned paper atlas.
  • GPS – because you can’t read a map while you’re driving.
  • Bluetooth helmet communicators – to get music or connect with other riders.
  • AMA Roadside Assistance – because you want to get back on the road quickly if you break down or get in an accident.
  • Flat repair kit – even the newest 17 inch motorcycle tires can get a puncture along the way.
  • Raingear – if you get caught in a downpour, at least you can stay reasonably dry.
  • Mounted camera – catch the experience and landscape as you ride while focusing on the road.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray and chapstick – keep your skin protected while you’re on your bike.
  • Your owner’s manual and a spare key – you just never know when you need information.
  • Extra pair of gloves – you may even want to get a couple of extra pairs for different purposes, a waterproof set for riding in the rain, work gloves in case you need to adjust something and an extra pair of your favorites, in case you set them down and leave them behind.

Best Motorcycle Helmets For Any Kind Of Bike

 Whether you’re shopping for motorcycle helmets online or in the store, the best motorcycle helmet is one that fits you well and is protective for your head. A motorcycle helmet should fit snugly, without being tight and painful. You should feel the helmet against your cheeks. You need to be able to turn your head, but the helmet should not rotate when you move around. The helmet should not move very much on your head at all. All motorcycle helmets in the United States for road use need to be DOT-certified. Look for SNELL ratings to show you that the manufacturer went above and beyond when testing the protective ability of the helmet. SNELL is an independent company that tests helmets.

Enjoy your bike when the weather is perfect for riding. Just know the laws and stay safe.

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