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How To Get Your Halloween Promotion Noticed


Halloween is no longer about passing out costume and candy contests. Many businesses take the opportunity to draw customers in many ways and promote their brand on this festival. Seasonal festivals help businesses, small and large to capitalize on the celebrations. You can rally and organize an event in the community that will generate positive words for your brand. This article will give you some tips to market your brand during the Halloween season.

Tips To Promote Your Brand during Halloween

  • Choose Right Platforms

Your business must give an incentive to customers to purchase or visit your shop. You should target existing customers with email marketing or social marketing campaigns to increase current sales. These customers already know about your business and what you do so they might end up buying more to satisfy their increased demand.

Email marketing and social marketing are great marketing platforms but they shouldn’t be overwhelming or unbearable for your customers. Consider launching limited-edition Halloween products at low prices on these social channels followed by a weekly reminder of new offers. You should always say something with interesting short taglines.

You can organize giveaways on weekends. These giveaways give a taste of your business to the potential customers that would lead them to keep coming back. You can also hand-out products limited edition custom shopping bags or Halloween products as they are super cheap, but they act as a great promotional tool. Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company based in Florida, United States. They manufacture top quality custom reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials.

  • Influencer Strategies

Do some research on local social media influencers? By connecting with them, you can foster an influencer strategy to target like-minded customers. Influencers have access to multi-platform promotion and content creation so they can help in expanding your business across demographics. Influencers and Instagrammers have full license to make their own content. Their write-ups and reviews can attract customers to try out your products. Since people have read the write-ups, they feel like they have used the products already.

  • Involve Yourself With Community Festivals

Communities throw a party or festival during the fall. These events are a great way to get to know your customers personally. You can set up a booth to sponsor an activity or sell out physical goods. You can also pass out free coupons for potential customers to use on their next trip to your business.

  • Power of Trick or Treat

Trick or treat is the most exciting event of Halloween, so make sure you get yourself noticed during this event. You can pick out a charity, decorate some jars or boxes, and accompany your nephews, children, cousins as they go door to door for candy. You can donate reusable bags with your logo printed to local schools or families. Parents will appreciate your gift, and they might form positive views around your brand.


Hope these tips help you to promote your brand during Halloween.

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