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How to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry


Moisture in the home is the biggest issue, especially when it causes damage to your crawl space. Excess of everything is terrible, and the same is true about moisture. So, when you notice extreme moisture causing pest formation, termite damage, cracks on walls, you need to seek a solution. If your crawl space has moisture, a quick fix is to keep it dry. Here is how you can achieve this goal before hiring crawl space repair experts.

Consider Buying a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier lets you get complete control over the inside temperature and moisture level. Your crawl space can’t control its temperature because outside weather keeps it either warm or cool. Unlike other parts of your home, this area is exposed to direct weather conditions. Thereby, buying a dehumidifier means keeping things in your control to some extent.

Closed Crawl Space Vents

Proper ventilation is the crawl space required, but you know that air from this area flows upward toward your living room. Too much moisture issue in this space will affect the air quality of your home. To avoid this issue, you should shut down its vents. If moisture leads to a problem like a pest infestation, then your home environment won’t become toxic.

Regular Inspection

It would help if you kept an eye on your crawl space. Look closely so that if you notice any insect movements inside cracks or mold mildew development, you hire foundation repair experts to deal with the matter. The benefit of regular inspection is that you would get a fix when the problem is not severe. Delaying a repair means dealing with a complicated matter, which requires costly repair.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you want to enjoy peace of mind, you should hire experts who can properly seal your crawl space so that water or pests don’t find any entry point. Try to find  foundation repair agency that will offer a combination of a vapor barrier, sump pump, and floor liners to give you a complete encapsulation service. The benefit of this service is that your home air quality will improve as no allergens or pores will flow from the crawl space to other home areas. Another plus of this service is that you can reduce your energy bills.

Fill Cosmetic Cracks

If your crawl space walls have multiple cracks, don’t ignore them if they are non-structural. It’s because they will get wide with time and lead to structural damage. Hire a repair expert who will use epoxy or polyurethane injection to fill these voids.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sometimes, the cause of excess moisture in your crawl space is low maintenance of the drainage system or gutter. If they are clogged, you should spend time cleaning them. A clogged gutter will direct water toward the home foundation and increase hydrostaticity on your walls. Thereby, cracks appear on these walls. High levels of pressure will turn a straight wall into a bowing one, and you need to install carbon fiber or get foundation expert help for finding the best solution. You can prevent all these issues with regular maintenance and cleaning.

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