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I Want to Buy a Horse


A versatile animal
Many children dream of their own pony to pamper and ride. A horse or pony is a versatile animal that naturally loves to move and can be trained well. A horse works hard for its owner if it trusts and respects it. There is a lot involved in keeping a horse or pony. In our shop, we sell everything for the horse lover. Not only food, but also care products, food supplements, cleaning articles, and accessories. We also thought of the rider: caps, boots, socks, riding breeches, and so on.

Horses and ponies have captured the imagination for centuries. The noble animals can no longer be ignored in our society. Equestrian sports are extremely popular in the Netherlands. This not only applies to dressage or jumping, but also to Western and harnessed riding.

Horse or pony?
The difference between a horse and a pony is the size. Keep this in mind when purchasing. Do you want a large or small animal and do you have space for it? A large animal is often more expensive to purchase and maintain and needs more space. The size of a horse or pony is determined with the height of the stick: the distance from the ground to the withers (shoulder) of the animal. The boundary between horses and ponies is at a height of 148 centimeters.

Yet it is not always the case that animals with a height above 148 centimeters are horses and ponies underneath. The E category exists in equestrian sport for ponies. This includes ponies with a stick size of 148.1 to a maximum of 156.9 centimeters. There are also horse breeds smaller than 148 centimeters, such as the smallest horse breed in the world, the Falabella. The Falabella has a height of up to 80 centimeters.

Which horse do you choose
Think in advance what you want to do with the horse. Based on that, there are a few considerations you make. We list the three main choices.

The race
Each breed has its own character and customs. Choose the variety that suits you, that is not easy but important. Do you have little or no experience with horses or ponies? Then do not choose a temperamental animal. This gives you more pleasure from your animal and unsafe situations are less likely to arise. Get well informed about the different horse breeds via the internet, from horse owners or horse breed associations (studbooks).

Stallion, Gelding or mare
Also consider whether you want a stallion, mare, or gelding (castrated stallion). A stallion is nice to see, but his concentration is quickly disturbed and he keeps trying to master. Certainly, if there is a stallion mare nearby, a stallion is difficult to handle. A mare has an easier character than a stallion but is irritable during the stallion. Even when she has a foal, a mare is often more distant. A gelding has the most constant character because it is not affected by hormones. The behavior and character vary per horse and per breed.

The age
Age is also very important when purchasing. A young horse is cheaper than an older animal that has more experience in equestrian sports, for example. A young animal still has a lot to learn and is not always the best choice for someone with little experience.

Buy your horse
There are several places where you can buy horses and ponies. Individuals, traders, horse markets, or auctions, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Bring someone who has experience with horses and ponies and have the animal examined by your vet. A purchase inspection is certainly recommended for more expensive horses. Bring a photo or video camera, so you can take a look at the intended horse at home.

Mandatory chipping
Your horse or pony must be chipped and you must have the accompanying horse passport. Foals must be chipped before they are seven months old. Insure your horse or pony immediately after purchase. Several insurance companies offer horse insurance that covers health, accidents, theft, and death. Always read the insurance policy carefully.

Education – training
Wearing a rider on the back is quite an achievement for a horse or pony. In the wild, something on his back means his life is in danger. It is also unpleasant for him to be unbalanced by a rider on his back. A horse or pony that naturally does everything does not exist. Your animal can learn a lot with training.

Flight animal
The horse and pony are flight animals that live in herds on the steppe. We find that in the behavior. Every herd has a certain order of precedence. In the relationship between man and horse, it is important that man acts as a leader and is accepted. This way you avoid dangerous situations. Don’t forget that a horse is much stronger than you. In foals, start immediately with a clear and consistent upbringing.

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