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I Want to Buy a Rodent


Rodents are easy and fairly inexpensive pets. They are usually social animals that like to live together with their own kind.

For your child
Do you buy a rodent for your child? Then keep a close eye on the care. Teach your child how to handle and care for the animals. Cleaning the loft is also part of this. Often children can quickly take care of a rodent at a young age.

Are you unsure whether your child is ready for such great responsibility? Then let him look after an animal of an acquaintance for a week. You will notice soon enough whether the interest is permanent.

Do not allow rodents to wander unsupervised. They do what they are good at gnaw. If they gnaw on a cord, they can electrocute themselves. Therefore, keep them in a rodent cage and transport them in a transport cage, that is the safest way. They quickly gnaw a cardboard box.

Rodent food
Special rodent food is available for most rodents. These are special mixtures with seeds and grains. Always provide enough water. It is best to let them drink from a drinking bottle. Then the water stays clean all day.

Do you keep the rodents out? Then the water freezes in winter. Then fill the bottle with fresh, lukewarm water every day. Are your rodents traveling with you? Then a bottle of water is sometimes not useful. Then give them a piece of cucumber, which contains enough moisture. Note, this does not apply to the chinchilla and degu.

A litter
Young rodents are of course very sweet and fun. But first, find out whether you can find a new owner for the young animals. You only start breeding when you are sure. Remove the males from the mother before delivery, otherwise, she will be pregnant again immediately after delivery. In a few species, you can have the males castrated. Ask your vet about this.

Which rodent?
Do you choose a: hamster, tame mouse, tame rat, Mongolian gerbil, guinea pig, chinchilla, or degu? We have listed the properties of the different rodents below. Rabbits and ferrets are not rodents.

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