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Jos Enjoys Max ‘ready for the World Title’


On the weekend that Max Verstappen should have shone at home during the GP of the Netherlands on the Zandvoort circuit, the driver trains at home in Monaco in a simulator. His father Jos, himself a former Formula 1 driver, is at home in Maaseik and muses about how it could have been this weekend.

“This was a race that the entire Formula 1 world was looking forward to. It should have been one big party,” said Verstappen in an interview with De Telegraaf.

Moving on to next year
“I can’t imagine that this year there will be racing in Zandvoort”, says Verstappen. “It is either with the public or not. But ultimately this decision is up to the Formula 1 organization and the circuit. Otherwise, moving on to next year is an option. That is if a vaccine against the coronavirus has been found. I can not imagine that we would soon be together again with 100,000 people. “

Close bond
Together with manager Raymond Vermeulen, Jos Verstappen has been forming a team for years, in which Max is now central. That creates a very close bond. “Max, Raymond, and I live our childhood dream. It is amazing what we are doing. Because of the virus, everything is different now. We all have to go through it.

The whole way we have traveled, from childhood, we are certainly talking about that sometimes, “says Jos Verstappen. “I observe and listen, but I don’t interfere with anything. I just have to look at Max and I know what is going on. Max has to concentrate fully on racing. So much is coming at him. Together with Raymond, I try to unburden. “

Verstappen likes to see the development of his son. “He has really become a guy. And he has such a strong character. We went all over the world while karting. Then soon came Formula 1 and everything logically turned around him more and more. stepped back and that’s why I think our band has stayed that good Max has known for a long time how everything goes and sails, because I’m an open book, but I know exactly when I should or shouldn’t say something. carefully though, because especially in top sport the emotions sometimes run high “, the former F1 driver knows.

Ready for the world title
“Max is racing every day. He does little stupid things and is not into parties and parties, but that can be difficult if you are always in such a simulator,” says Jos Verstappen with a laugh. “I am also happy that he still gives his opinion publicly. We should be thankful for that, there are still athletes who say what they think instead of what is expected of them so as not to have problems. That freedom is given he is also on his team. If he has the right equipment, he is ready for the world title. But he has been for three or four years. “

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