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Making a First Impression With Your Front Door


The front door of a home is the heart of the house. After all, this part of your property symbolizes welcome! It should be designed keeping in mind the kind of image you’d like to project to the world, because a front door can be seen from the street or when friends and colleagues arrive to visit you. It’s the first impression your visitors will receive.

There are several types of doors available for home properties, and the one you choose should represent the theme of the house and your personal tastes. It should have style and be welcoming, as well as practical. The front door to the home can be elegant, colorful, simple, or extraordinary. Let’s take a look at four different kinds of doors you can use for your home, and what effect they create:

Elegant doors, for example, are a fabulous addition to homes that are built for style. Perhaps you’d like one with a rustic feel? Natural redwood with an antique handle and a small window would be wonderful for many kinds of homes, and this is a good default option if you’re not sure which kind to choose.

Sculptural glass doors can also give any home an elegant touch. These have a wooden frame with different styles of bubbled glass for the inner pieces. A hand-wrought iron door may be exactly what you are looking for in terms of a suitable accessory for this kind of door – and these styles of front doors have an arched frame that has different designs of wrought iron set upon the glass. The doors themselves have a hardwood frame with two long pieces of glass, with the wrought iron placed over the panels of glass.

Alternatively, you may decide on a colonial design to fit a house that reflects a bygone era. Doors with stain glass or beveled detail can turn any door into a masterpiece. There are several types of handles that can be purchased to complete the exact feel that you are looking for. Be sure to match the handle carefully with the style of door you choose.

Plain wood doors would be a wonderful starting piece for a more simple, modern home. These can be painted and designed according to your wishes. Different shades of paint will work well for this type of project, and you can create flowers, a picture of the family, or other design techniques.

When you use your imagination, your personality will shine through. If you decide you don’t like the design later, you can easily paint over it. If you’re not sure how well you can paint your own design, there are companies that can make custom doors for you. A door with a touch of elegance, style, and color can be worth the cost.

French doors are becoming more popular. These are a double door set that is completely made of stained wood – the frame is solid, but glass panels are installed. An Edwardian is a thin entryway, and the top two panels are stained glass; however, the design on the door is clear. They are separated in a crisscross style that has wooden borders separating them.

The door handle is in the middle, right above an old-fashioned mail slot. The Whitstable is a modern but also very classy style – a mid-Victorian piece. The wood is stained black, and charming panels of glass are separated by a thin strip of wood.

If a fancy design really isn’t to your taste, remember that simple and plain front doors can say volumes about you and your home, in the nicest possible way. Dark stained wood with regular windows and handles will be a fabulous addition to a home – and are a very straightforward option. Some people feel that the simpler the exterior the better, and this type of option can indeed still make your home elegant and stylish.

The first impression your home creates can have lasting effects on your visitors and can make the world of difference to how you feel about your house. After all, you have to see your front door almost every day! The more unique this piece, the more comments you will likely receive. However, a front door does not need to be extravagant – it’s all about personal taste – some people enjoy a down-to-earth feel, while others prefer a masterpiece. Choose carefully and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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