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Pieces at a Wedding the 5 Best Ideas


Examples of pieces at a wedding
In the end, coming up with a surprise for the bridal couple is more difficult than expected. You want something personal, you want everyone to like it – but above all the bridal couple – and it shouldn’t take up all your free time until the wedding. When you make a piece for the bridal couple you have to take into account what types they are. Do they like humor? Then make a piece as crazy as possible! Is the bridal couple a bit calmer? Then don’t perform a hilarious piece that they don’t like at all. Which pieces at a wedding are doing well and what should you pay attention to?

A day in the life of …
This is a favorite of many bridal couples and wedding guests. In terms of organization, you can make it as crazy as you want. Make a list in advance of the characteristics of the bridal couple that you want to bring forward. You can exaggerate this in the video itself. It’s really nice that you record the video in the house where they live when they are away for a day. This is recognizable to the guests, making the video more alive. The bridal couple will be surprised! Don’t have a fancy video camera or editing skills? Use your phone (or several, for different angles ) and edit with InShot, Splice, or iMovie. Subtitles are also easy to add with Clips, VLLO, or CC Add Subtitles. The people in the back of the room will thank you.

Bachelorette party compilation
Do you have cool videos and photos of the bachelorette party? Make it an after the movie! You can also use the above apps for this. Instead of subtitles, you can put a nice sound under it. Let the DJ know which song was favorite during the bachelor party so that it will be played immediately after the video. Bet your dance floor is full ?! Oh and check which images are better to leave out. Although it seems such a ‘funny’ idea to put in a few shots of the stripper, keep this material nice within the group app. No one who has to feel uncomfortable!

Create a video guest book
A nice keepsake for the bridal couple is sweet words from the guests. A short anecdote or a special wish. You can visit guests with a camera yourself, in advance or at the wedding itself, but this takes a lot of time. It is, therefore, possible to rent a video booth. Check with the master of ceremonies whether the bridal couple has not already arranged a (video) guestbook. It is also nice to interview guests who cannot attend the wedding in advance and to include this in the video.

Performing a bit
Are you blessed with a beautiful voice, not yet a member of the Residentie Orkest, could you have been one of the llamas or is the moonwalk a piece of cake for you? Especially for the bridal couple to do a piece at the wedding with your talent will be appreciated. Are you a little less blessed with one of these talents? Then check tip 6!

Mr. & Mrs. Game
This is a nice piece for the wedding if the bridal couple likes games. This game is also called “her shoe, his shoe”. Place the bride and groom each on a chair with their backs together. They exchange one shoe and keep both their own shoe and the partner’s shoe in hand. Now it is time for the game leader to ask questions. These can be questions such as: Who cooks the best? Who snores the loudest? The bride and groom must answer by raising his or her shoe in the air. Of course, they don’t see what their partner answers! How well do the bridal couple actually know each other? This gives hilarious moments.

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