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The 5 Best Travel Apps of 2020


Nowadays you can no longer live without a smartphone. It is your ideal electronic fellow traveler. Whether you use your smartphone as a camera, to make reservations, to play music, or maybe even to make calls, there’s an app for that. O ok, we take our digital companion on a journey. And these travel apps should not be missing in our opinion:

1. Polarsteps – track your trip
Nothing is more fun than seeing your trip again later. Or to let the home front follow you ‘live’. Even with a city trip, we turn on Polarsteps immediately. This app uses telephone masts to determine your route, so this area also works in areas where you have no internet – as long as a telephone signal is occasionally picked up. Moreover, it hardly uses any extra battery. You can put photos and text in it, and recently also videos. With every destination that you actually add, you immediately see the date, country, and temperature. Since Polarsteps follows your route, you can easily decide at a later time which ‘steps’ you want to show or not.

2. Komoot – the best hikes and cycling routes
We use Komoot to store and follow routes. For example, you can borrow routes from other users to hike, bike, or run yourself. On our travel blog, we use this info on various articles to display an overview of the activity, including elevation profile and the ability to save the GPS track.

3. – offline maps on your smartphone
On many travel blogs, you will find a reference to when it comes to a certain route. Logical, because there is simply an awful lot on it. In addition to routes, you can also download entire maps. And maps. I work offline. Handy if your Thai call credit is used up again.

4. Trail Wallet – keep track of all your expenses
We also like to keep an eye on what we spend during a trip. On the one hand to see whether we remain within our budget, and on the other to compare which countries are cheap or expensive. For example, we have already collected a nice list of income and expenses from our trips. Also nice afterward to see how many nights in Cambodia cost, or what they ask for a rental camper in New Zealand. Trail Wallet is only available for an iPhone.

5. XE Currency – what about the exchange rate?
Yes, we once made the mistake of not checking the exact exchange rate before departure. And in some countries, you really need millions of pins to have just € 100 in your pocket. It would be a shame if you just paid € 4.50 transaction costs and you have not penned ten euros. XE Currency also works offline after adding the country of your choice to the list. Although you will have to connect regularly for the latest exchange rate update.

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