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The 5 Types of Office Spaces


So, are you planning to renovate your building to become an office space? If that is so, then you need a guide to learn different types of office spaces. Each has unique features and functions according to your needs and preferences.

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Creative Office Space or Open-Plan Layout Office

This office type is becoming popular nowadays for creative teams or groups. They collaborate, share ideas, and enhances teamwork. That’s why creative agencies, stand-up firms, and advertising agencies prefer this type of office. It has fewer barriers or cubicles and focuses on having more tables.

The common traits you’ll find in this creative office space are wet pantries, fewer walls, high ceilings, large windows, and wooden floors.

Traditional Office Space

This type of office space is one of the most common designs you’ll find in company buildings. One of the reasons it became one of the top choices is that it promotes productivity and minimizes co-workers’ distractions.

Traditional office space has cubicles that separate the workers from one another. It promotes concentration and a distraction-free environment while giving privacy and freedom to the employee.

This type of space is ideal for law firms, banks, hedge funds, and financial services businesses. But other companies use this too for their employees to ensure they have a private space to focus on their jobs.

Executive Suites

If you want a complete service for your lucrative business, then this one is the right for you. You don’t need to look further to search for an office that caters to your needs. The executive suites are classy and perfect as an office space. Its lease is also lenient since you can pay them yearly, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly sublet.

What’s more, it is already pre-wired for internet and phone service. You have everything you need for your meetings and conferences in the future.

Contiguous Office Space

This office type is usually the one you’ll find in some establishments, where they rent out every floor of the building to serve as an office. You have the option to lease more than one floor if you have many workforces involved in your business.

If you have a large business with several employees who need more office and space, then this is the right one for you.

Coworking Space 

This one is common nowadays. It is ideal for small businesses that need a hide-out to plan for their strategies. It is flexible and perfect for startups that want to rent several desks for their team. The costs are low so that small companies can start right.

These five types of office spaces can give you better ideas of what you’ll have for your business. Take these into consideration to add more productivity to your workforce team.

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