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Top 10 Dutch Travel Blogs 2019


1. Travel blog Stop and stare
Traveler Naline is the founder of the beautiful travel blog Stop and Stare, but now several bloggers are working for her site. This ensures a nice variation in subjects and destinations. Nadine herself travels indefinitely through Central America, where she writes beautiful stories about the most special destinations and about sustainable travel.

2. Travel agent
Kirsten and Erick van Travelaar traveled all over the world for years and know Asia like the back of their hand. Since last year they are looking for it closer to home and show that traveling in Europe is just as special. A nice travel blog if you are looking for many practical tips and like to travel budget-friendly.

3. Travel blog All day every Daisy
Daisy and her friend Patrick sold all their belongings and have been traveling the world for almost two years now. The goal is to fly only when there is no other option and to travel mainly by land. Daisy runs travel blog All Day Every Daisy and sustainability and contact with locals are the central themes of her site. You will also find plenty of fun videos.

4. Earth Globe Expedition
Stéphanie from the travel blog Expeditie Aardbol travels as often as possible and has since visited many countries. Not only does she write beautiful stories about her travels, but her blog also contains plenty of practical tips. She is also an excellent travel photographer.

5. Travel blog Go live, go travel
At the end of April Esther left on a world trip with her boyfriend. And not just any trip around the world: they plan to travel from the Netherlands to Indonesia without flying. Esther now travels through Eastern Europe and shares her adventures on Go live, go travel. Esther has a predilection for non-standard destinations and on her site, you will find plenty of inspiration for special places.

Traveling is great, but flying is very harmful to the environment. A nice alternative is traveling by train, which Kirsten and Nick discovered years ago. On their travel blog Traveling by train, they share plenty of inspiration for the most beautiful train journeys and they try to encourage readers to take the train more often. In Europe and in the rest of the world.

7. Karlijn Travels
Karlijn from Karlijn Travels loves to travel far and has a taste for Asia. This year she is going on her third long journey with her boyfriend, this time over five months. Nepal and India, among others, are on the schedule. Karlijn loves colorful travel photography and her travel blog is a mix of personal travel stories and practical tips.

8. Travel blog Yvonne van der Laan
Yvonne van der Laan and her husband traveled all over the world before they had children. When they became parents, they decided to continue as usual. Yvonne not only gives plenty of practical tips about distant travel destinations but also blogs about traveling with children and about travel photography.

9. My Travel Secret
Sigrid quit her job late last year and is now traveling the world full-time. During the first four months of this year, she traveled through Southeast Asia and discovered the beautiful Mentawai Islands near Sumatra, among others. On her blog My Travel Secret she shares many practical tips about beautiful pictures of her many long journeys. Definitely read Tips for a great jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang.

10. Travel blog Corners of the World
Jessica from Corners of the World travels around the world while she works. So a real digital nomad. Along the way she writes inspiring travel stories about the places she visits, always very personal and with beautiful photos. Jessica traveled through many countries, including the special island of Jamaica. Definitely read Ode to Jamaica, country of alright.

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