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Via Ferrata Monte Foletti – a Great via Ferrata at Lake Garda!


Can’t a hike be exciting enough for you and are you a bit done with all those boring, wide paths that you’d rather walk backward to add a little more adventure? Then go and do a Via Ferrata!

First of all: what is a Via Ferrata?
If you are not averse to a nice hike then a Via Ferrata might also be something for you. Basically you just take a nice route, where you are largely attached with a climbing harness to a steel wire that is stretched along the route. Via Ferrata also means “iron road”, and is also known as Via Ferrata. These are all international words because I think the lack of mountains also means that there is a lack of a word for the means to conquer the mountains … In any case, it is a way to reach hard-to-reach places safely.

Often in areas where you can climb via Ferrata, you can rent a funny approved helmet, climbing harness and via Ferrata set somewhere. The latter consists of two ropes with a carabiner at each end that you can click around the cable. Why two? On some pieces, the cable is anchored to the wall and you will, therefore, have to detach your set. You never do this at the same time, so you are always attached to that route with at least one carabiner.

A helmet is of course also recommended, you never know what will come down. We chose to use our cycling helmets, as charming as the climbing helmets you can rent right?

Lake Garda
We are quite a fan of Lake Garda and have been coming for years for the rugged environment that you will find within a good day’s drive from the Netherlands. Some people even say this is our second home, and sometimes it even feels like it has become our first home. Especially stay away in high season, and trust me: you will be amazed at what to do here!

If you like outdoor sports, then you will certainly enjoy yourself here. There are many mountain bike routes to be found, which was the reason for us to keep coming back here. But there is so much more. Every now and then we did a hike or trail run, especially if that is towards a mountain hut where you can do an espresso or Spritz Aperol. You can, of course, tap the espresso standing at the bar, like a real Italian. And in the evening you discuss your adventurous day while enjoying a pizza that you wash down with a jug of wine. Or so we do.

Via Ferrata
Many years ago we had done a nice via Ferrata at the castle of Arco, a village on the northern tip of Lake Garda. But on all other trips to Lake Garda, we went biking or running again.

What can you expect?
Actually exactly what makes the surroundings of Lake Garda so bold, the view of the lake and the mountains in the background. And the great thing about this trail is that you don’t expect this from the starting point, the picturesque village of Biacesa di Ledro. But once you are on the road and you have a little sense of direction, you know that something is about to happen. And after all that climbing and scrambling, the view on the lake certainly does not disappoint.

It will take you about 1.5 hours to the viewpoint of Cima Capi. Keep in mind that the way back takes an hour long and you are therefore another 2.5 hours on the road. In terms of difficulty, this tour is classified in B – easy, but of course, it differs per person how you experience it. I have also looked up that difficulty, check in advance whether the route is do-able for you and ask locals whether the route is safe.

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