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Ways to Get Children to Wear Sunglasses


Does your kid need to wear sunglasses during summer vacations but refuse to put them on? Having to wear these things can be a challenging adjustment for individuals, especially children. Fighting about what is best for them is pretty hard, but people do not have to do it the hard way. Here are a couple of tricks and trips people can use to encourage kids to wear their sunglasses during the trip or vacation.

Let the kids pick their frames

The most crucial part of getting them to wear sunglasses is letting the kids choose the frame. That way, children feel like they played a huge part in making significant decisions about these things. It can help the kid feel more comfortable around people and be more eager to sport their eyepieces throughout the day. 

While letting them choose what they like is very important, do not forget to ensure that the frames are suitable for their age. Offering some guidance when it comes to styles and colors may be pretty helpful to keep the child from picking something for children younger than them, or worse, pick something for adults.

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Take small steps

The feeling of wearing these things all day (or night) can be very hard to get used to. Rather than expecting children to wear them all the time, make sure to set goals little by little and work your way up. Parents need to start by having them sport sunglasses for 10 to 15 minutes during the day. Slowly build up the time until wearing them the entire day seems natural. If the kid needs some extra motivation, use their favorite treat as a reward and incentive for weekly or daily goals.

Be a very supportive stickler

Keeping up and staying on top of you and your kid set will always help the little ones in the long run when it comes to better vision, feel comfortable, and succeed in school. Parents need to be consistent in schedules they set for their kids to sport their sunglasses every day. 

On the other side, make sure to keep up with reward systems if they start one. Parents are setting goals; it is imperative to help young ones to stick to these goals. While it is okay to be sympathetic and talk about how eyepieces can be a hard adjustment, it is imperative to hold children accountable. Parents may even want to ask help from the child’s teacher to ensure they are keeping the eyewear on.

Show young ones that everyone they admire also wears sunglasses

Children are just like adults; they love celebrities. We admire celebrities when they do ordinary things like wearing eyepieces like Saint Laurent Glasses can help improve confidence when it comes to wearing them ourselves, especially children. Talk to the young ones about celebrities or family members they look up to who sport eyepieces like them. 

Check to see how their eyepieces fit regularly

Whether kiddos are just starting to sport sunglasses or getting into routines, it is imperative to check regularly to ensure their eyewear fits the right way. No kiddos will want to wear eyepieces if they are too tight or loose. If parents find that their children’s eyewear is not fitting well, they need to make sure that they bring them to an eye professional’s clinic to have the glasses readjusted or refitted for new frames.

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